Research Wings SRL

Research Wings (RWings) is a network of product-oriented startups and companies and it is fueled by innovation and R&D management services, pr oviding entrepreneurs and managers with the support they need to achieve their goals.
By working together in a modern business organization, we create a synergy that augments the value of each Federated member.

Salerno University

The Mission of the University of Salerno, on the basis of statutory indications, is to carry out quality research and training activities in order to create, enrich and, at the same time, make available the scientific and cultural heritage developed through studies and research at the service of students, businesses, institutions and, more generally, the entire community through a continuous and fruitful confrontation with Stakeholders and in collaboration with public and private bodies and institutions.

Research National Council

The National Research Council (CNR) is a national public research organization with multidisciplinary expertise, supervised by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR). Founded in 1923, it is responsible for carrying out scientific research projects in the main fields of knowledge and applying their results for the development of the country, promoting innovation, internationalization of the “research system” and fostering the competitiveness of the industrial system.


MISTER Smart Innovation, an industrial research and technology transfer laboratory of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network, is a nonprofit public-private consortium founded in 2009.

Maccalli & Pezzoli

Maccalli & Pezzoli is a firm specialised in Intellectual Property (IP) matters, which was established in Milan in the year 2000. Maccalli & Pezzoli is aimed at providing professional services of high quality level and at competitive rates in all Intellectual Property fields, including patents, utility models, designs, distinctive sings (particularly, trademarks), copyright (particularly, software and database protection), related agreements, licensing and judicial and out-of-court litigations.

Cluster TAV – TechForLife

The Lombardy Regional Cluster Foundation Technologies for Living Environments aims to develop knowledge, technological solutions, systems, constructions and highly innovative products which, according to a scheme of Ambient Intelligence and Ambient Assisted Living, make it possible to redesign the living environment in way to promote and encourage inclusion, safety, well-being, health and eco-sustainability.


An investment and advisory company for innovative startups and SMEs founded in Rome with the aim of supporting them in their growth and structuring. Thanks to the team of people highly specialized in the startup world they have created a bridge between investors and startups, supporting young entrepreneurs throughout the growth process.


HCOMM Srl is an Italian company focused on multi-sensory technologies. Through an over ten-year research project, with the contribution of psychologists, biologists, neurologists, and hypnotherapists, a methodology has been developed to perform multisensory stimuli to address the most diverse human needs (relieving a stressful state, eliminating insomnia, improve your ability to concentrate, kick a bad habit or addiction, ..and many more).


Giuseppe Sgro

Founder – CEO & CTO

Giuseppe Sgro is a biologist and researcher with many years of experience in various international pharmaceutical companies and deep knowledge of metabolic processes. Giuseppe conducted research bringing important drugs such as Tavor, Efexor, Novantrone, Lederfolin, Polase, Abelcet, PNU imune23, HibTiter, from the laboratory to the market.
For over ten years, Giuseppe worked collecting data and designing protocols to identify the Metabolic profile of people suffering from various disorders. This crucial activity is a pillar of the Math Biology innovation.

Raffaele Maccioni

Founder – Biology & Clinical R&D Director

Raffaele Maccioni, graduated from Polytechnic of Milano, has over 25 years of experience applying mathematical optimization / artificial intelligence systems to complex processes. Raffaele obtained the prestigious international recognition, in the context of the application of decision sciences, called Franz Edelman, promoted by the American association Informs. Entrepreneur and Founder of ACT Operations Research, an Innovative SME that developed software technologies in decision science. ACT Operations Research thank to an M&A operation, is now part of the Spindox Group, and Raffaele became an Equity Partner in the Group

Enrico Erba



Maria Cristina Caracciolo

Legal & Corporate Affairs

Maria Cristina Caracciolo is a lawyer and works as legal consultant for industrial Companies. She obtained a Ph.D. in comparative and International Law. She is used to support the management of the Companies she collaborate with regarding not only legal issues but also strategic solution to be adopted. In her activity she drafts and reviews all the legal documentation of the Company, Contract of any type and Minutes.

Gian Luigi Capurro

Executive Relationship Manager


Alessandro Cascia

Financial & Investment


Roberto Tufano

AI Specialist PhD student


Elvira Plenzich

AI Specialist PdD student


Mario Lepore

AI Specialist PdD student


Maddalena Mazzali

Communication & Marketing

Maddalena holds a MSc Double Degree in Social Industrial Design and a Research Fellowship at the Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing (STIIMA – CNR). She is committed to enter the complex space between people and technology, with the aim to make new technology desirable for future users. As Communication & Marketing Manager, Maddalena helps different organizations develop and implement digital marketing solutions that align with their business goals and drive growth.

Extended R&D Team
Being Math Biology, a science-based company, we have an extended R&D Team based on a longtime strategic relationship with CNR (via Mister Consortium) and the University of Salerno:
The Physicians Team of the CNR plays a crucial role in the development of the DMA hardware technology and the CE certification;
The University of Salerno plays an essential role in AI and coming clinical studies;
Relations with others Research Centers, known by the Partners for a long time, will be enforced based on the progression of the project.
Among these: UNI Sapienza – Tor Vergata – Supsi University (Switzerland) – Universitat Oberta de Barcelona – University of Milan – Cluster TAV.