We believe in data.

Math Biology® merges biology, physics, math and engineering

to break the edge of improving people’s health status.

Math Biology® is an innovative science-base startup

established in 2020 in the Health Technology sector.

Our Mission

At Math Biology® we are committed to supporting biologists, physicians, clinicians, athletic trainers and coaches in their practices, in order to anticipate the diagnostic eventsoptimizing pharmacological treatment efficiency and improving the knowledge of patient metabolic profiles.

The passion moves us to help people improve and maintain their health status & longevity.

Our Team

The founders have proven knowledge and managerial entrepreneurship experience. A significant track record in the pharmaceutical R&D and Artificial Intelligence sectors. The Team includes young researchers from different Academies and Research Partner.

Our Story

April 2023
Patent submitted.

December 2022
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Certification obtained.

November 2022
DMA® presented at “Città della Scienza” – November 5th.

August 2022
Certification process of the DMA® Industrial Edition 1 started.

June 2022
Design of the industrial version of the DMA® bio-sensor completed.

May 2022
Successfully completed the test of the biosensors and the electronic devices 3.0.

April 2022
IT infrastructure design completed. The IT cloud-to-edge infrastructure permits the management of data streams from several DMA® biosensors safel.

February 2022
Successfully completed the test of the biosensors and the electronic devices 2.0.

January 2022
Start a new Phd research plan at the department of Mathematics of the University the Salerno University.

December 2021
Capital investment for 3200.000 € finalized.

November 2021
Deep Metabolism Assessment® (DMA) bio-sensor prototype 00.00 tested with positive results.

October 2021
Math Biology® present at SMAU as a partner of the Cluster TAV Tech for life.

October 2021
The first edition of our website goes online.

September 2021
R&D activities stage 1 completed to produce the first DMA® bio-sensor prototype.

May 2021
MISTER, CNR Consortium join the Math Biology® empowering Math Biology R&D and design capabilities.