Our Project

Brand-new nonevasive technologies

enabling medical professionals to recommend

precise people’s health assessment

and personalized treatment plan

For physicians

DMA ® Screening for Deep Metabolism Assessment for use in biology for metabolic screening.

For physicians

DMA ® Diagnostic for risk assessment concerning specific pathologies.

For biologists

DMA ® Monitoring for the evaluation of alerts on monitored patients.

For Wellness Professionals

DMA ® Wellness & Sport to support sports activities.

We developed a wide set of protocols and software, permitting us to correlate subsets of such measures to the status of specific organs, the Central Nervous System (CNS) or glands.

Our methodology and technologies generate crucial data on a Person’s Metabolic Profile (PMP), connected with the health status of organs, glands, and the central nervous system.

We combine multiple sciences (biology, mathematics, physics, and engineering) to support clinicians and the pharma industry for more accurate diagnoses and the development of personalized care.

Our health-technology enables a deep screening of organs and cerebral districts, complementing and dramatically enriching usual clinical tests.

We are developing the business, and we are now planning a multi-stage investment program. Join our team and be a part of the revolutionizing process of health assessments and diagnosis!

Shape the future of DMA® with us.