Math Biology® is a science-based innovative health technology startup.

We develop AI-based screening technologies for the Deep Metabolism Assessment®, which has an extraordinary application in clinics, Wellness & Sports.

What’s Deep Metabolisms Assessment® (DMA)?

The Deep Metabolisms Assessment® (DMA) is a novel non-invasive screening technique supporting biologists, clinicians and coaches in their practice.

Quick facts about metabolism

Metabolism refers to the biochemical processes that occur within a living organism to maintain life. Its importance in health and clinical implications lies in its ability to provide information about an individual’s health status and disease risk

Understanding the metabolism profile enables early diagnoses, personalized treatments and diets. Metabolism analysis is also an essential tool for sports medicine and nutrition, providing valuable information for optimizing performance, preventing injury, and speeding up recovery.

    The DMA® Technology can identify specific patterns of altered bioreactions in the human body known as dysmetabolism, which are closely associated with symptoms and diseases.

    DMA® finds both clinical and non-clinical applications.

    It can be used by:

    • biologists to map the metabolism and define personalized diets and integration programs;
    • clinicians complete the clinical pictures, complementing usual investigation for earlier diagnoses, personalized treatment, or patient monitoring;
    • coaches, atlets better addresses the training program;
    • health-enthusiastic people for self-monitoring.

    DMA® (Deep Metabolism Assessment) &

    Clinical Applications

    By DMA®, physicians and researchers gain extraordinary insight into the underlying metabolic changes in many diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, etc.

    DMA® (Deep Metabolism Assessment) &

    Wellness, Sport and Nutrition

    Metabolism analysis is an essential tool for sports medicine and nutrition, providing valuable information for optimizing performance, preventing injury, and speeding up recovery.

    How does the Deep Metabolism Assessment Technology® (DMA) work?

    It’s known that the human body and organs generate electromagnetic fields, and it is possible to measure impedances, voltages, or currents on the human body’s surface. Electrocardiograms (ECG) and electroencephalograms are well-known examples.

    Based on the same principle, we transform weak-electrical measures emitted by the human body into crucial information related to the health status of organs and cerebral districts.

    Different protocols have been designed to investigate the various aspects.  Protocols involve acquiring a few to some hundred measures and utilizing specific markers.

    DMA® Benefits

    DMA® provides a comprehensive vision of the health status of the person/ patient.

    DMA® permits the measurement of elements that cannot be measured with other tests. For example, it is possible to assess the presence of specific molecules expressing a possible problem at the brain level;

    DMA® is not evasive. Can be used with high frequency in case of patient monitoring;

    The combination of the DMA® data with data from other test (eg imaging, microbiota) provides a novel and incredible way to understand the disease, define therapies, monitor response to treatment.

    DMA® algorithms and knowledge burst forth from over 20.000 data sets acquired.

    Those incredible results were achieved through the efforts of skilled professionals

    who have been working tirelessly over the past two years.

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