It’s known that the human body and organs generate electromagnetic fields, and it is possible to measure impedances, voltages, or currents on the human body’s surface. Electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms are well-known examples.

Similarly, it is possible to acquire weak electrical signals based on the same principle at different human body points.

Using such a concept, Math Biology provides innovative biotechnologies to support a non-invasive diagnosis, personalized care, nutrition programs, and sports medicine by a Deep Metabolism Assessment (DMA).

We developed a wide set of protocols and software, permitting us to correlate subsets of such measures to the status of specific organs, the Central Nervous System (CNS) or glands.

Our methodology and technologies generate crucial data on a Person’s Metabolic Profile (PMP), connected with the health status of organs, glands, and the central nervous system.

We combine multiple sciences (biology, mathematics, physics, and engineering) to support clinicians and the pharma industry for more accurate diagnoses and the development of personalized care.

Our goal is to help people maintain their health status and improve longevity.

Math Biology’s technology integrates and complements the established clinical investigation tools enriching patient’s data available to Clinicians.

How does the system work?

The Doctor selects a protocol

based on the investigation to perform. Each protocol is designed to focus on a specific aspect.

the Doctor acquires the data

By the  DMA bioSensors, and an Artificial Intelligence cloud software generates the DMA reports enabling diagnosis, nutrition programs, and health assessments.

the system supervises the quality of data acquired

and proactively supports the Doctor to extend the predefined protocol when needed.

More than 20.000 sets of measures acquired

during the past years show a clear contribution to enriching clinicians’ information to diagnose and treatments.